Sarah’s Rose Garden Quilt & a Parrot’s "Bird day"

Rose Garden quilt on the APQS Millie Frame - QuiltedJoy.comSarah’s quilt is on the frame right now and I really like the modified Dresden Plate. I’ve always loved curves in a quilt and anytime a more traditional pattern can be transformed in a curvy way it makes me smile.

Sarah's Rose Garden quilt getting a custom treatment in the border - QuiltedJoy.comI really like Sarah's modified Dresden plate - QuiltedJoy.comI have freehanded swirls in the pieced border that follow the width and variety of her piecing. The inner blue border has alternating curls. The body of the quilt will be freehand cabbage roses.  I used a twirly ribbon block in those blue cornerstones.

Oh, and I’m using a variegated Rainbows thread in all those warm colors that adds just a hint of shimmer to the top and looks beautiful dancing across all of Sarah’s colors.


The other big news around here is that today is Apollo’s Hatch Day. He is a three year old conure today and will be celebrating with a  bowl of apples, oranges, bananas, peanuts and millet. He is requesting a side order of fingers to bite but I’m not planning on fulfilling that wish.

Our conure Apollo

In fact, I think I will read to him out of the bird behavior book which states that once a parrot reaches maturity they bite less and chill out more. That would include toning down the screeching during American Idol for the contestants he doesn’t like.






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