Snow Day! No Quilting Today: Just Hot Cocoa, Snowball Fights and Lots of Laundry

Snow Day with the Kidlets! -
Snow Day with the Kidlets! - QuiltedJoy.comSchool’s out and the snow was PERFECT for sledding, snowball fights, snowmen and shoveling.  I’m guessing tomorrow will be another snow day too and I used to get so excited but now I look at that snow and it just looks like work. Isn’t that awful?  File that under “You know you are a grownup when…”
Of course, the kids only see excitement and they had fun with their grandmother outside.
Snow Day with the Kidlets! -

They made three snowmen in our yard. We couldn’t find any coal at first so we ended up using an onion for the eyes and peanuts for the mouth. Our snowmen even had antennae so I’m not sure snow”men” would be the right noun?

Snow Day with the Kidlets! -

Snow Day with the Kidlets! - QuiltedJoy.comMy kidlets also helped make a more traditional snowman in the neighbor’s yard and shoveled two of the older neighbor’s driveways.

Birdman made a snow chair and RocketMan climbed the moguls the plows left.

Snow Day with the Kidlets! -

Snow Day with the Kidlets! -

The cat got involved too. For some reason he decided to go off road stalking through the 5″+ off cold wet fluffy flakes in the front yard. Who knew Yogi liked snow?

My kidlets are 10 and they’ve helped me shoot some of the tutorials I’ve shared here on my blog. They decided that it was high time they shared their skills with you. Sooooooo….. here’s their first tutorial. How to make a snowman’s body- triplet style.

Snow Day with the Kidlets! -


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