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Linda’s Batik Chevron with Ginkos

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Batik Chevrons with custom quilting by Angela Huffman - QuiltedJoy.comI’m in the market for some elves. If you know any or can provide any references, let me know. I can see why Santa started using elves long ago!  This is the busiest time of the year for me and I’ve got about 4 quilts left to finish for my Christmas clients.

If you are reading this and looking forward to photos of your completed quilt, please know I’m about 3 days behind on putting up photos of what I’ve pulled off the frame. I’m trying to keep up with the blog but it is difficult to do that at this time of year.

That said, this is Linda’s beautiful batik. These photos don’t really do it justice. She has a wonderful fall gemstone color palate and we selected Asian motifs to bring out the beauty in her piecing. You’ll have to forgive the bizarre dark photos. Sometimes the only way I can get the quilting to read on the pictures I take is to lower the light level down and let the shadow reveal the quilting lines for you.

Batik Chevrons with custom quilting by Angela Huffman - QuiltedJoy.comBatik Chevrons with custom quilting by Angela Huffman - QuiltedJoy.comThe outside border has a circle flower gliding along with water lilies in the setting triangles.  The body of the quilt has big ginko leaves scattered across the top of the quilt. It looks like the wind has just blown the leaves across her top and they are resting in various positions.



The thread is a slightly shimmery Bottom Line that catches the light just enough to make you stop and look some more. Around the Ginko leaves is a loopie meander to enhance the wind blown effect.

Batik Chevrons with custom quilting by Angela Huffman -

Batik Chevrons with custom quilting by Angela Huffman - Isn’t it yummy?










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