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OMG! I just found out that the Transformers have an action hero named…. “Longarm”.
It took me a while to figure out why my Twitter search for Longarm kept sending me to the new Transformer movie. Who knew!  I swear you could flesh this out and it would be a fun giveaway/ad for APQS, wouldn’t it?

I LOVE IT!  Plus, it looks like the action figure has this enormous needle- all he needs is a hopping foot! I think he needs a side kick though. Maybe “Starch” and “Steam”. 🙂

He can also turn into a tow truck. (So very useful!)  I’m pretty sure I need one of these.

Oh, and I found an evil villain from Gotham City named… “Crazy Quilt“!

He has a mind-controlling helmet as his secret weapon. He can only see bright colors and at one point he drained Robin’s spandex outfit of all color! So he’s also got some sort of bleach ray. Here he is on the Cartoon Network Batman series.

Maybe his other weapon is a spool of super strong thread and he fights by hand with a massive pointy needle! Or maybe a scorching hot iron…. Oh, and he could tie up his victims with fancy-pants embroidery stitches. *snort, giggle giggle*

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