Longarm Quilting Apron

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When I am doing custom quilting on my longarm I use an apron with pockets to hold my Superior Threads Snippers, my Marvy Fabric Erasable Marker, my Clover Eraser pen and, of course, my iPhone. The apron is some random GE giveaway barbecue canvas apron I found in a box somewhere. The apron isn’t exactly ready for the runway.

A great longarm quilting apron has lots of pockets and a super cute design!

A few weeks ago I taught a longarm quilting class up at Sew Vintage, a local quilt shop. I warned my students that I’d be breaking out the world’s ugliest apron while I taught them so they were warned before I sprung it on them.

Imagine my delight when a few days later one of my students surprised me with this personalized apron she made for my longarming needs! It has pockets and is personalized with my name. Plus, it gives me official permission to avoid housework! Thanks, Betty! Boo Yah!

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