Birdman’s Spelling Bee

Tomorrow is my brother’s 22 birthday!  Happy Birthday, Eric!

Last night Pop-Pop was telling my kidlets what a great spelling bee champ Eric was in Elementary School.  In fact, he won a big ol’ blue ribbon at the Ky State Fair one year. Take a look at this baby picture of my brother.  Isn’t he adorable?

Baby Eric

Birdman asked Pop-Pop what word EE had on his final round of words that won him the big blue ribbon. Pop-Pop didn’t know so Birdman offered his professional 4th grade opinion.  “I bet it was constipation.”

Pop-Pop got really quiet for a moment as he processed this information.  I, however, immediately started giggling.  I said to BirdMan, “Do you mean constitution?”

Nick with a bird

Nope, BirdMan knew exactly what he meant and that was the hardest spelling bee word he knew.  Still giggling as I know their collective love of bathroom humor, I asked, “Do you know what constipation means?”

Birdman said, “Yeah, it means this.”  He makes his eyes all big and wiggles his fingers in air.  I’m pretty sure he was trying to act out anticipation but it could have been some kind of heeby geeby motion as well.

I said, “No, constipation means you can’t poop.”

All three children exploded with laughter, their eyes twinkling! They asked me to repeat the definition over and over.  Apparently it gets immeasurably funnier each time you repeat the phrase “can’t poop”.

It should be an interesting bus ride this morning as my children share their new found knowledge with the rest of the neighborhood!

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  1. My husband has just recently introduced my 4th grade boys to the joys of Weird Al Yankovic, he has a song based on Avril Lavigne’s Complicated — and the first verse is about being constipated. Extremely funny…

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