I Spy Alternative Baby Quilt

Okay, first you have to notice the little gift I gave to myself.  Check out the tiny little icon up in the address bar for this blog.  Do you see the little quilty star motif?  It is called a favicon and I put one over on my www.QuiltedJoy.com site too.  I love integration!

I Spy baby quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman

Today I want to show you a quilt I finished over the summer but I had to keep it a big secret until Christmas.  It is a bright fun baby quilt that is an I Spy alternative.  I used all the fun novelty fabric in my stash and included as many BRIGHT fabrics as I could.

I Spy baby quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman

Oh, and I used a blanket stitch to finish the binding from the front.¬† I hadn’t done it this way before and it looks great, don’t you think?

I used an all over edge to edge quilting pattern for this quilt and it really gives it a nice texture.  My favorite thing is the yummy neon yellow Superior Thread Brytes thread I used on the top.  It is so playful and holds up well to the loud voice from all those fabrics.

This special baby quilt went to my should-have-been-my-sister awesome friend, Juliet.  Her little boy just turned one and is learning Danish and English. She married a fantastic Danish man, Ole, and the three of them will soon be moving back to the states!  LUCKY ME!

I Spy baby quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman

This quilt isn’t meant to be an heirloom or a wall hanging.¬† The thing that would please me most is to get a call from Juliet in a few years to let me know that the quilt has been loved on/slept on/played on with such energy that the quilt just fell apart.¬† Baby quilts are meant to be used and used up in my humble opinon!

I also had to include a photo of the feet holding up the quilt for the pictures.¬† My mom gets a huge kick out of spotting the feet sprouting out of quilt photos.¬† So this picture is for her.¬† I wonder if she’ll recognize whose toes those are?

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  1. Hurray for the quilt! And I can testify that an adult can squeeze under it too while watching TV! (I was cold. And too lazy to get up to find a bigger blanket!) Hjalmar loves it.

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