The Irish Chain Grows Feathers!

The Irish Chain quilt Jennie Beth asked me to quilt is starting to grow some glorious feathers in its border. Take a peek at my progress and learn about my big announcement!

Irish Chain, quilted by Angela HuffmanJennie Beth’s quilt now has feathers in the outside border and wavy interconnected lines through all of the one-inch pieces in the middle.

If you click here, you’ll see the drawing I did on her quilt to show her the ideas I had for her quilt top. She chose the version with more traditional feathers. Some of these feathers have a swirl in them that adds a feminine touch and even a bit of whimsy.

Irish Chain, quilted by Angela HuffmanI’ve still got the cheddar inner border and the plain white blocks to do but my back was starting to hurt from hunching over so much. I swear, if I could wave my magic wand I would get hydraulic lifts for the my machine’s table. I crave the ability to raise the table to a more comfortable height depending on the day.

When I think of the absolute musts of a stand up machine, I believe a stitch regulator is paramount. Followed closely by channel locks and finally hydraulic legs.


That leads me into my big news. I’m now a dealer for APQS!

APQS manufactures the best longarm machines on the market. I was impressed with the company and the product from the moment I laid my paws on one so long ago. I will be undergoing extensive training in the service of all APQS machines, so I can help you if you need service or maintenance done. The Quilt Path will be introduced to the quilting world next year. The Quilt Path is the latest computerized quilting system made specifically for APQS machines. I’ll be getting my first look at the system in February.

If you’ve been considering a long arm machine, please give me a call and I’ll be happy to set up a demo for you in my studio. I am located in Louisville but serve this entire region as an APQS dealer. Send me an email or give me call at (502) 718-7148 if there is any way I can help you!

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